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The Asia Pharma Tren Ace 100 (trenbolone acetate) steroid is derived from nandrolone, it’s activity however is quite removed from it’s structural parent, however such that direct comparisons between the two are difficult. Lixus Tren Ace 100 is a non-estrogenic steroid and is considerably more anabolic and androgenic than nandrolone on a milligram for milligram basis. In appearance it is often compared to a stronger androgen like drostanolone (masteron), that it is to a nandrolone steroid. It is estimated to display three times more androgenic potency than testosterone making it one of the strongest anabolic steroids ever commercially manufactured by Asia Pharma. It is a very strong anabolic and the results can be compared to taking testosterone and dianabol without the water retention.

Among my customers Lixus Tren Ace 100 is valued for it’s ability to increase muscle hardness, definition and raw strength, without unwanted water retention and fat mass gains. Asia PharmaTren Ace is considered the steroid of choice for contest bodybuilders, yet remains very popular with customers simply looking to improve the physique

Asia Pharma Tren Ace 100 contains 10ml of 100mg Trenbolone acetate per 1ml
Androgenic: 500
Anabolic: 500
Estrogenic: None
Progestational: Moderate
Active Half Life
Trenbolone acetate 1 day