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Side Effects Generally healthy individuals will not suffer any side effects when thaking this products however, the main side effects users may experience are mainly related to the ephedrine content of the stack and may include following:

* nervousness
* dizziness


ECA Stack is a combination of Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin and has been traditionally used by bodybuilders to lose body fat quickly and effectively. This only works effectively if the three ingredients are taken in exact ratios. This is generally being accepted as being 1:10 ephedrine : caffeine. Ie 12.5mg of ephedrine would need to be taken together with 125mg of caffeine. This would then be taken with 20mg of Aspirin.

The ECA stack works firstly by increasing the amount of calories you burn by increasing your metabolism and secondly it suppresses your appetite meaning that you take in fewer calories. This increase in energy used and decrease in energy consumed should result in a negative calorie balance and there for a reduction in bodyfat levels. This is not the only way that the ECA stack works. Caffeine acts as a stimulant to increase the levels of fatty acids in the blood and promote the use of fat as a preferred energy source. The fact that caffeine also increases mental alertness increases motivation to be active.

Ephedrine mainly has an effect on how fat cells release fatty acids into the blood and facilitating increases in fat burning. Finally the aspirin content allows body to slightly increase heat production (body temperature) which means more energy is used. This is known as a thermogenic effect and also why most fat burners on the market today are known as thermogenics.