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Legal Overview of Buying/Using Anabolic Steroid Shop

Anabolic steroid law in the UK and most EU countries allows bodybuilders and strength athetes to possess anabolic steroids for their own personal use, it is only illegal to sell, deal or distribute them.

Some countries such as USA, Canada and Australia consider posession of anabolic steroids completely illegal.

We ( are based overseas for legal resons, this is where our products are originally sourced.

What to Expect From

Our best and most expensive premium brands will be batch tested each and every time we receive delivery to ensure you the customer receive the product in perfect condition. This includes brands such as Hilma Biocare, Sovereign and Gentech.

We will endeavor to have your goods dispatched the same day if you have paid early morning or before 11am. Payment received after 11am will result in your order being dispatched the followimg day.

All orders to be delivered to any UK or EU addressses we gaurantee delivery. If any order to the UK or EU is seized by any customs we will re-ship the order at our expense.

We run a professional online service for bodybuilders and power athletes and speak to our customers how we like to be spoken to. So please lets all use some common courtesy when speaking to each other via email. Any problems that may arise due to customs or payment etc please talk to us like we are your family and we will endeavor to resolve any issue. Sending many many bad emails using foul language will not get you anywhere.

If you are unsure about using anabolic steroids and have a few questions please feel free to email us and ask for our professinal opinion. Please remeber everybody reacts different to any drug so anything stated in our emails is just an opinion based upon the facts you have given us in your email for advice. it is advice only.

We do not treat or diagnose anything. We are purely here to provide an online service for anabolic steroids and will provide any help or advice needed upon your journey with us.